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Mr. V.M. Motghare, Joint Director Air, Maharashtra Polution Control Board

Ascent Informatics (India) PVT. LTD. has installed PlantConnect AQMS server on behalf of Maharashtra Pollution Control Board. This is used for collecting real time air quality data from various industries as well as ambient stations located in state of Maharashtra AIPL is responsible for operations maintenance and support of the server on continuous basis.

The performance of the system and support provided by AIPL is satisfactory. 

Mr. Thomas Mann, Director, PLEXPERT GmbH

" I am happy to say that our companies working together successfully since 2006. We did a lot of projects together and the work was carried out to complete satisfaction. The agreed project time was always observed. Since the beginning of 2011 we are reseller of the PlantConnect software. Our first customer was the company MHR which is using the PlantConnect software to monitor their production process in order to ensure high quality for their products. From three different machines they read continuously data and store them on a central server. Especially automotive customers requires this service and are satisfied with the results. In addition we have developed an interface for our shopfloor system. The PlantConnect GUI can be started from our Shopfloor system and allows a detailed visualization of the injection molding parameters. We are happy to sell and work with PlantConnect and looking forward to perform new projects with AIPL." 

Mr. Samir Bhandarkar, Business unit head - CEMs, Forbes Marshall Codel

"AIPL has installed PlantConnect AQMS at the server installed at CPCB Delhi and the system is being used for streaming live data of our CEMs installations across India. The contract includes installation, support and maintenance spread over 5 years and is on continuing basis. We are happy with the performance of the system and support provided by AIPL and we expect similar support in future too."

Director, Motion Business US & Asia, A Public Company headquartered in CA, USA

"We are a publicly traded company headquartered in CA, USA working in the field of high-tech hardware in the research, semiconductor, life and health science, aerospace, defense and industrial markets. We were seeking a partner for executing a fast pace software development project. Our company had set up a project team and worked toward defining the main aspects of the deliverables but many details still needed to be refined. AIPL and FuturePath were selected based on a good track record of delivering complex remote software development projects in different industries.
AIPL/FuturePath provided great technical support with very efficient work practices that enabled to complete this project timely. We used based on their recommendation an AGILE software development methodology and this proved to be a decisive factor in our ability to execute this project on time. The AGILE software methodology allowed us to continuously refine project features and deliverables in such a way to allow the software team to code and complete development sprints on a regular basis, thus providing interim releases of the product. The combined approach of a local technical program manager from FuturePath at our facility, access to an extensive pool of talent in India and the use of advanced software tools, allowed for the software and hardware testing to be performed on a 24 hours cycle.
We are delighted to have been able to work with AIPL/FuturePath and strongly believe that their flawless execution was a key factor to our project success."

Mr. Steve Drevik, CEO, Agilaire LLC

"Agilaire has had the pleasure of working with AIPL for the last year on a software development product critical to a new product we are launching. Although this was our first experience working with an overseas software firm, they came highly recommended by a partner of ours, and the experience has been excellent. Since we are a small company, our software development and specification processes are not as formal as many companies that use overseas developers. We were cautious and concerned over the effects of providing AIPL with vague or incomplete specifications. As it turns out, AIPL is very skilled in asking the right questions to fill in most of the holes in our requirements. For the few holes that neither of us catch (and in some cases, errors in our specification), AIPL is very flexible and quick to resolve those issues. We would absolutely recommend them to other firms looking for a good partner, and would give them the highest recommendation."