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Newsletter >> April 2015 >> Case Study - PlantConnect MIS

 PlantConnect MIS - Case Study

1. Background

IDMC is a front-runner in the manufacturing and supply of complete range of equipment for application in dairy, pharma, beverage, brewery, thermal management as well as packaging industries. IDMC is a trusted single-roof solution provider together with automation, equipment design and manufacture right up to installation and commissioning. Along with automation of dairy plants, there was a need for MIS system which could provide data acquisition from various devices and produce customized - industry specific reports.

AIPL’s solution, PlantConnect® MIS offers an ideal platform for IDMC to meet above requirements.

2. Project Objectives

  1. To install and operate an MIS system which will collect data from various devices. (DCS as well as other devices in the dairy)

  2. To store and archive all such data for analysis and reporting.

  3. To provide additional functionality for authorized users for data management and analysis as well as for generating reports.

  4. Report generation and distribution as per configuration.

  5. Automatic report generation/printing/email as per schedule.

3. Solution

PlantConnect® MIS uses data collected from devices to generate various types of reports and charts. Often along with the device data, operators need to enter some manual data. PlantConnect MIS provides a ‘Data Entry Engine’ for manual data entry. Both device data and/or manual data can be used for reports.


  • Custom reports exactly as per user needs

  • Tabular Reports / Summary Reports / Trends / Charts (X-Y chart, pie chart, bar chart etc.)

  • Installation wise / site wise / device wise reports

  • Automatic report generation / printing / email as per schedule

  • Any report / chart can contain manual as well as automatic data

  • Access rights allocation per report


  • Real time reporting

  • Multiple users can generate/view reports

  • Can schedule automatic report generation

  • Report printing, saving, distribution by email

4. Selection of system by IDMC

Based on the project objectives and technical requirements, IDMC evaluated and selected PlantConnect® MIS as the most appropriate solution for the project.

5. Solution sample screenshots of reports

6. Technical details of project and installation

Hardware installed and connected:


    • Siemens S7 is a modular embedded controller system for plant automation

  • Weigh bridge

    • Measures vehicle weights.

  • Milko scan - FOSS FT12 / FT120

    • Measures FAT, SNF, solid particles etc. of milk.

  •  Acidometer

    • Measures acidity in milk.

Device drivers implemented in the project




DCS – Siemens S7

OPC protocol


Weigh bridge

GSI - Serial communication


Milko scan

GSI - Serial communication



GSI - Serial communication

7. Current status of the project

PlantConnect MIS is successfully installed and running for more than four years in SABAR dairy. The system is in operation successfully. SABAR dairy officials are happy with system performance and features as well as support.

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