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EnviroConnect is cloud ready solution and can be easily deployed on cloud.

As per the latest guidelines from CPCB, vendors can choose to install server on Cloud server and provide access to regulators and other users. Similar guidelines have been issued by some other state PCBs also. With the server on cloud installation, hardware vendors have great convenience and comfort to run the servers. The cloud installation takes away the worry of hardware maintenance, server up gradation, antivirus and other issues. The configuration can be changed very dynamically and additional space can be added as per customer requirements. This is also without a capital cost in to the server installation and all supporting set up at CPCB office.

EnviroConnect was architected to be a cloud ready solution and with these instructions 10 + customer of EnviroConnect have adopted the cloud based model taking advantages of the cloud model.

We have worked with many cloud solution providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft (Azure), IBM Cloud, Tata Teleservices and many more. We are available for any further details and assistance to adopt cloud model for your servers. Please contact us for these details