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Water Quality >> Business Case

Polluting industries and entities discharging effluent into water bodies are mandated to share pollution related performance information and data with Central as well as state pollution control boards. However, in most of the cases, these industries will lean on companies providing analysers to provide them facility to share this data with the regulators. Additionally in India the water and effluent analyser companies have been mandated to set up such servers and provide these to their clients and facilitate sharing of data with regulators.


We typically hear that for analyzer manufacturers and implementation companies, their core business is to deploy and operate on line equipment. Operating pollution control board mandated server with all the advanced features is not their core competency. However, they can adopt EnviroConnect as their standard server solution and offer these to the clients and to pollution boards. EnviroConnect offers them the ability to adopt it as the solution and offer integrated solution to their client in literally few days.


By adopting EnviroConnect, these companies are able to leverage strengths of Ascent Intellimation as an automation software company and of EnviroConnect as a stable and feature rich product. EnviroConnect is being enriched on an ongoing basis and these companies can tap the rich product on an ongoing basis. This way they are not required to track ever changing requirements and grow them. EnviroConnect will take care of that.


EnviroConnect will allow the analyzer manufacturers to integrate their newer generation hardware onto same server and thus provide sustainable solution to their clients. They will be able to offer these servers either as server sets up in pollution control board mandated data centers/ offices or on cloud servers.