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PlantConnect Newsletter Issue-04/November 2014

Dear Automation and IT Professionals,


All festivals world over give prominence to 'LIGHT' in one form or the other. This light is not momentary dazzle, but it is a sustained and steady source of energy guiding us every day to live in harmony with nature and bring prosperity to ourselves and our eco system. AIPL has always upheld environmental consciousness in all our actions. This year all our employees have taken a pledge to become environment friendly. The pledge is given in this newsletter and we welcome you to embrace it.

We participated in recently concluded Automation 2014 exhibition. It was good to see number of companies showcasing web-based solutions for manufacturing. Days of convergence of Automation and IT are here and global push for Internet of Things is evident in India as well. PlantConnect has embraced IoT principles long before this term became popular and we will continue to evangelize for its adoption by industry.

I do hope you like this issue and give us your frank feedback.

Sujata Tilak

  Info Corner
Internet of Things (IoT) History
The term IoT was first used in a report
by UNs International Telecommunications
Union ....create an entirely new dynamic network of networks an Internet of Things

The Internet of Things was born More
things / objects were connected to the Internet than people (computers)

IPv6 launched.It allows 2128 or 340,282,366,920,938,463,463,374,607,431,
768,211,456 unique IP addresses

2014- Two kinds of IoT emerged -
- Industrial IoT
- Consumer IoT
15 billion connected devices in 2014. Expected to be 40 billion by 2020

The Pledge
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Participation in Automation Exhibition
Ascent Informatics participated in Automation 2014 at NSE, Mumbai, 15 - 18 October 2014. We released the latest version of our platform for Remote Monitoring and Control, PlantConnect . The latest version offers many more enriched features and functionalities. These have been added based on the industry inputs and experts comments and of course feedback of clients where installations have been made.  Read More...
Water Quality Monitoring
Clean and usable water is right of every citizen and at central level, state level and also at local level are making great efforts towards it. As there are many sources polluting river water or other water reserves, Pollution monitoring is a critical area in terms of management of clean environment. Water quality monitoring and water management should be done on a central platform.   Read More...
Energy Monitoring
- by Anand Taparia 
For a second forget your GREEN commitment, and forget your responsibility towards carbon neutrality. Energy is a very crucial part of your manufacturing process, a big chunk of operating expenses. It has to be taken seriously. With ever increasing energy costs, energy monitoring is taking up increasing attention from the management. Whether or not you look at energy from the point of view social responsibility, it has a direct impact on your bottom-line, an area you need to manage properly.   Read More...
Case Study − PlantConnect RAMS
PlantConnect RAMs is a powerful solution for monitoring of performance and health of capital equipment and machines installed with various clients. Data so acquired enables the equipment manufacturers to provide value added inputs well in time, take of preventive maintenance and trouble short problems at early stage. The solution is proven and working with many clients.  Read More...

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