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It is very important for Regulators to provide a neutral and aggregating platform for data acquisition. It is also very important that the data so acquired is validated for common points and is directly from the instruments and analyzers without any possibility of tampering at any point in the chain. EnviroConnect offers these capabilities in seamless manner to the regulators.


Once such data is acquired, it will be available to various internal as well as external users for varied business reasons. As such the data integrity is a very important consideration. Quality of data is in a way far more important than quantity or volume of data.


The Regulators could initiate various actions based on the analysis and inferences and output form the data and these could be even fines or penal actions. In such cases the data is the sole basis of such actions and must be completely dependable and true.


Such data portals could also be very useful information portals for citizens who can access these for online and real time status of pollution status in their areas. The data could be used by concerned citizens to demand more stringent regulation and enforcement. We think this is a very powerful initiative in the transparency mechanism that being put in place.