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Product Features

Product Features

Data Acquisition

  • Data acquisition from multiple Gas Analyzers, SPM Analyzers, Dust Monitors and Weather Stations at single or multiple locations

  • All data collected on PlantConnect web server

  • Accessible to clients from anywhere, anytime, 24x7

  • Clients use a standard browser on PC / tablet / cell phone


  • Hierarchical tree view of all sites at a glance
  • Dashboard showing comprehensive information of Air Quality in and around a plant
  • Real-time data trends and values
  • Historical data average, min, max - values and trends with user defined interval (5 / 10 / 30 / 60 minutes, daily etc.)

Alarms and Data Flags

  • Define alarm limits as well as various flags

  • Send alerts by SMS, email

  • Alarm history

Reports & Charts
  • Standard reports in MoEF stipulated formats

    • Daily and Monthly Environment Report

    • Average Tabular Report

    • Single Station and Multi-station Report

    • Robust reporting engine for development of custom reports

    • Automatic report scheduling and delivery by email / print

    • Charts

      • Wind rose / Poll Rose

      • Frequency analysis

      • Perspective bar and line charts

Data Storage
  • Secure data storage on PlantConnect server for large periods

  • Data export in excel (.csv) format

Product Components


PlantConnect  has 3 components –

PlantConnect Server

PlantConnect server is a web-based server. Both DAM and users (using web browsers) connect to this server. The server acts as a hub for all data flowing through the system and manages it in real time. PlantConnect server has loosely coupled components and hence features / modules can be easily added / removed from any installation resulting in a truly optimized system!

Data Acquisition Module (DAM)

DAM is installed on each site. It connects to devices using any protocol supported by the device and polls for parameter data. DAM sends this data to PlantConnect server continuously or periodically depending on the deployment. DAM is 100% remote configurable. So user can perform all operations like add devices, manage parameters remotely through the browser.
So you need to visit the site only for initial installation and physical connections etc. After that manage each site remotely from anywhere, anytime!

Browser based Client

Access PlantConnect using a standard browser from a PC, Tablet PC or Mobile Phone. Thus no hassles of installation / updates to client machines.



PlantConnect allows great flexibility in deployment so that you get a system 'just right' for your needs and what's more important, the system can grow as per your needs keeping pace with your progress.