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Implementation of PlantConnect - AQMS in Thermal Power Station at Anta, India for National Thermal Power Corporation

Note: PlantConnect-AQMS has since been renamed as EnviroConnect


National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) operates a thermal power plant at Anta, Rajasthan (India). The plant has 3 ambient air quality monitoring stations and one central station for monitoring weather parameters. The requirement was to install a central system for data collection, overall status management, alerts and data archiving. In addition to this the data was required to be sent to NTPC central office

 TATA Honeywell was awarded the contract as the overall system integrator for the project. Honeywell further deployed AIPL’s PlantConnect AQMS as central monitoring system, Teledyne-API pollution monitoring hardware and weather monitoring equipment. The project was implemented successfully and handed over to NTPC in January 2006.

Project Objectives


  1. To install and operate a central portal under control of NTPC which will be the aggregator for data from all ambient stations as well as the weather station

  2. To upload data in real time from all the devices

  3. To store and archive all such data for analysis and reporting

  4. To generate relevant alarms/ alerts and warnings based on real time data

  5. To provide additional functionality for authorized users for data management and analysis as well as for generating reports

  6. Reports generation and distribution as per configuration


PlantConnect AQMS is a ready to deploy solution with full and advanced functionality, dash board based viewing, evolved alarms and alerts management and powerful reporting. The solution is proven in the field and is currently deployed with many pollution monitoring regulators in India.

Selection of System by NTPC and TATA Honeywell

Based on the project objectives and technical discussions, NTPC and TATA Honeywell evaluated and selected PlantConnect AQMS as the most appropriate solution for the project. Main reasons for this selection were:

  1. PlantConnect AQMS was a ready solution with all required functionality

  2. PlantConnect has multiple drivers ready for integration of various analyzer from various vendors

  3. PlantConnect has strong analytical and reporting features as required by NTPC including wind rose

  4. PlantConnect has strong server component to handle large data load


Solution sample screen shots and sample report

Technical details of project and installation

Hardware installed and connected

• Remote Stations 1, 2 and 3
        – T-API Gas Analyzers
                Mass Flow Calibrator
        – Met One SPM Analyzer
        – Ambient Temperature Sensing System
• Central Station
        – Dynalab Weather Station

Device drivers implemented in the project

 Equipment Driver
 T-API Gas Analyzers
 – CO Analyzer – Model 300
 – NOX Analyzer – Model 200E
 – SO2 Analyzer – Model 100E
 – Mass Flow Calibrator – Model 700
 Serial communication driver using T-API RS232  Interface
 Met One Instruments SPM Analyzer
 BAM 1020
 Serial communication driver using Met One RS232  Interface
 Ambient Temperature Sensor
 Nishko Series mcs 2000
 Modbus RTU driver
 Weather Monitoring Station from  Dynalab Dynalab Ethernet driver

Current status of the project

The system is in operation successfully for more than nine years. NTPC officials are happy with system performance and features as well as support. AIPL currently supports the system directly with NTPC for issues and enhancements.


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