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EnviroConnect caters for all specified and implied features and functionalities laid down by various regulators and mainly by Central Pollution Control Board, from time to time. However, the regulators are enriching these requirements on ongoing basis and EnviroConnect is being enriched to keep in synch with these requirements.

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Capability of Software guidelines from CPCB

EnviroConnect feature/ capability


Statistical data analysis (customizable) for average, min., max., diurnal variation


Comparison of parameters of different locations in user selectable time formats i.e. in graphical and tabular formats compatible to MS Excel, MS Word, *.txt etc.


Capability of comparison of data with respect to standards/threshold values


Auto report and , auto mail generation etc.


Providing calibration database for further validation/correction of data


Transmitting data to different locations as per EC,CTE/CTO, and other directives in force


Channel configuration for range, units etc.


Providing data in export format on continuous basis through central/station computer system to other system



Data transmission through different media like GPS, CDMA, Normal phone line, Datacards,Broadband, 3G etc.


Data Storage for next five years



Video capturing at site and showing on server


SMS Alert System

In addition to Central Pollution Control Board, each of the State board has additional sets of requirements. These requirements could in terms of data acquisition, reports, analytics, etc. EnviroConnect has all these features as laid down by most of the state boards and these versions are available for implementations in each of the states. In addition to these features a very substantive requirements is in terms of sharing data with other servers or systems and EnviroConnect supports these requirements by way of output drivers or data upload modules as integrated components.


EnviroConnect teams are supported by experts from pollution measurement, monitoring and control fields. These experts are constantly evaluating EnviroConnect for features, ease of use, analytics, reports, etc. These inputs are valuable for planning developments and enriching the product on an ongoing basis.


In addition to these standard requirements, EnviroConnect offers very specific features as required by a specific business case. More details can be made available on request.  Contact Us