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AIPL Teams are equipped with

  • Requisite knowledge and insights into domain
  • Solid foundation in architecture and design
  • Ability to identify and use appropriate  platforms & technology
  • Leveraging new technologies, platforms and tools
  • Using efficient execution methodologies and processes

Technology & Architecture

IT technology landscape is ever changing. So we keep learning on the job…every day…and the website can’t keep pace

Below are some examples of what we have done…

Web Services & Apps

Desktop Services & Apps




Device drivers


Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, Win CE, RT Linux, Android




J2EE, PHP, Coldfusion






Struts, Glassfish

XOOPS, Joomla

Active VOS



My SQL, Oracle, SQL Server

Crystal Reports, Jasper Reports

Star UML, Magic Draw

JMeter, Selenium, Sahi




At AIPL, we understand that different projects need different execution methods. We commonly use one of the two methods -
Agile Methodology – Scrums

We have created our own flavour of Agile principles.

  • Individuals and Interactions over processes and tools
    • Small close knit teams with clear ownership
    • Daily Scrums to track progress
    • Optimum processes and tools

  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
    • Periodic deliveries of working software
    • The Sprints are planned in advance and delivery dates are sacrosanct
    • But we spend up-front time on designing a robust Architecture….
      We have learned from experience that it is even more important in
      ever changing world of Agile.
    • Optimum documentation which is kept up to-date

  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
    • Keep the customer in the loop
    • But that doesn’t mean customer has to spend huge amount of time on the project

  • Responding to change over following a plan
    • We welcome changes any time
    • But fit them in the Sprint plan
    • And it may mean additional sprints and more money
    • Our Quality Management System (QMS) and each process in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) are fine-tuned for Agile Methodology.

  • See for everything about Agile.

Modified Waterfall Methodology

Our modified Waterfall Model works well for some projects; especially small projects with well defined requirements.

  • We understand that ‘change’ is inevitable irrespective of the methodology followed….
    so we have a well defined Change Management Process in place
  • We follow optimum processes at each stage of SDLC
  • Concentrate on building a robust Architecture and Design
  • Keep the customer involved by showing him Work in Progress