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First version of the EnviroConnect product was deployed at NTPC, Anta along with Honeywell which deployed Teledyne Analysers in 2005. Since then we have invested heavily and the current version of EnviroConnect is widely accepted and deployed across India, Middle East and other places.

EnviroConnect growth was supported mainly by two stake holders and partners. Firstly we have had extremely good and strong acceptance from the environment monitoring equipment manufacturers and implementation companies in India and abroad. These companies have found EnviroConnect to be a suitable ready to deploy product that incorporates all required features and capabilities. By integrating EnviroConnect with their analyzers and equipment, these companies could deploy the central system within days. EnviroConnect allows them to deploy in various configuration and at a very competitive prices.

Secondly Regulatory bodies like Maharashtra Pollution control Board and others have found EnviroConnect to be an appropriate system which allows them to integrate analyzers and equipment of various brands on to a single platform. EnviroConnect offers them complete control over the entire state industries and provides very valuable remote monitoring capability. These boards have leveraged these strengths and we are growing the product to service their additional requirements.

In both the cases EnviroConnect as a product allows these users and partners ability to seamlessly leverage continuing investment being made into growth of the product including more powerful analytics, reporting and monitoring capabilities. As the product is in use in varied scenarios and business requirements, the inputs so received have allowed s to grow the product even more rapidly.