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Newsletter >> January 2014 >> Pollution Inventory of Chandrapur

Pollution Inventory of Chandrapur Dist. on behalf of Maharashtra Pollution Control Board

By Sujata Tilak

Maharashtra State Pollution Control Board (MPCB) has launched an initiative for building inventory of all pollutants in the district of Chandrapur, Maharashtra, India. The project aims to acquire data of industrial emissions and other polluting entities and build a reliable data model / pollution inventory for further socio-economic decisions. IIT Mumbai, NEERI and Ascent Informatics are working on this project. AIPL is responsible for data collection from CEMS and AAQMS stations installed in various industries. IIT and NEERI are responsible for data collection from other sources and for building the data model.  The project will, as a global link up, upload the acquired data into a global pollution repository Datafed developed by Washington University, St. Louis, USA http://datafed.net/

Ascent Informatics is proud to be technical partner for the ambitious and path breaking project. PlantConnect AQMS is the technical back bone of the product and also will be used for data analysis models.

In this installation, PlantConnect AQMS receives data from various CEMS and AAQMS stations in the form of data files. However, PlantConnect AQMS has capability to directly connect with analyzers of various manufacturers and pull real time data. Till date we have communicated with following analyzers–

  • Forbes Marshall Codel
  • Thermofisher
  • PCME (ICE Asia)
  • Teledyne API
  • MetOne
  • EcoPhysics
  • Horiba
  • ABB
  • And many more…

It is envisaged that once the trials in district of Chandrapur are done the model can and will be extended to entire state of Maharashtra and later to other states in India.