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PlantConnect is a platform independent solution. It can be installed on any OS, hence giving the end user the flexibility to choose their platform of choice. Any of the following options are possible:


  • On-premises:

You can install PlantConnect server on premises on an existing/new server computer. Configuration of the computer system for the server will be dependent on the scope like number of machines/assets being connected, number of concurrent users, etc. ) The benefit of this option is that the data does not leave the customer’s boundaries, and there are no recurring usage charges (like the cloud option below).


  • On-cloud:

PlantConnect is cloud ready and can be deployed on a cloud infra. Major benefit of this option is that the client does not have to manage server maintenance/antivirus issues and pays only for usage of the cloud services (CPU cycles, time, etc.). The customer is free to choose the preferred cloud service provider like AWS (Amazon), Azure (Microsoft), etc.



The typical data generated in the context of a manufacturing scenario is structured time-based data. Unless we are dealing with millions of data points, traiditional data processing tools (RDBMS, etc) suffice. When the quantity of data moves into petabyte range, the traditional tools fail to efficiently process and generate intelligent inferences. PlantConnect is cabable of reading any no. of data points and generate intelligents insights by using bigdata tools. PlantConnect uses InfluxDB as its bigdata framework. InfluxDB is a time series, metrics, and analytics database. On the huge amounts of data collected from field/floor devices, PlantConnect can run simple to advanced calculations and algorithms to generate rich insights. The possibilities are limitless, imagine being able to monitor the vibration pattern of a motor and comparing against a template to detect the impending breakdown, or given the various types of fluids/conditions, detecting why a particular flow meter functions poorly.

If your process generates huge amount of data and you want to make sense of the data through rich reports and analytics,
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