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Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) has identified some sectors as highly polluting sectors and mandated companies from these categories to share their stack, ambient and ETP monitoring data with State Pollution Control Board (SPCB) and Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB). Companies have installed analyzers for the monitoring but are finding it challenging to share aggregated data with. As such there is a need for an aggregated solution so data from all environment monitoring devices can be collected on a single solution and shared with CPCB, SPCB and even local DCS system.

A. Why are companies not able to comply with these instructions?

Most of the companies will like to comply with the instructions issued by the regulators but are faced with certain practical problems

  1. Most of the companies have acquired monitoring analyzers from different vendors over a period of time and as such now have to request each one to assist them in sharing data with regulators. This means each industry could end up having multiple solutions and related issues

  2. Obviously cost of each such system is required to be paid separately to each vendor

  3. In many cases the vendors have not set up the server in CPCB and State PCBs which means the industry does not have the facility to share data

  4. In addition to the regulators there may be requirements like ETS participation which may not be possible some of the vendor systems


However, notwithstanding these issues, industries must comply with the instruction. Noncompliance could have very high costs and consequences.

B. What are the options?

On this background many industries are looking at various options which will let them be compliant-ready by the target date. One of the most efficient and cost effective option will be to implement an environmental monitoring solution capable of acquiring data directly from all analyzers implemented in the industry and upload same to identified servers. By implementing such a system industry will be ready to start uploading the data to nominated servers in 24 hours.


Ascent Intellimation's EnviroConnect is a perfect solution for this requirement.

C. Advantages of implementing EnviroConnect

  1. EnviroConnect is a ready to deploy solution with data acquisition capability from almost all known analyzers

  2. Web-based ready to deploy solution with all the required functionality specified by CPCB and many of the PCBs

  3. Will help industry reduce costs by single solution vis a vis multiple solutions from different vendors

  4. Easier to manage and operate

  5. Can start acquiring data within 24 hours of implementation and store it locally

  6. Data acquisition and storage is completely secure and tamperproof

  7. This data can be made available to CPCB and State PCBs as and when the servers are ready


Sr. No.

EnviroConnect Solution

Different analyzer vendors in one company


An aggregator solution where data can be collected from different analyzer manufacturers

Each analyzer software is not capable of communicating with other manufactured analyzers


Solution is built to satisfy local as well as regulatory needs

Regulatory needs are not satisfied fully as the software is not built accordingly


Has ability to send data to multiple servers

Can communicate to one server only


Customization is easy



Aggregated reports are available where data of stacks, ambient stations and ETP stations can be clubbed together

Even if stack and ETP analyzer manufacturer are same, reports cannot be clubbed

D. Enviroconect Solution - tech details


  1. Solution is proven in market with server installations at CPCB on behalf of our clients and numerous local installations

  2. Solution implemented by MPCB as central aggregator server

  3. Data is uploaded in real time from all installations

  4. Data can be archived for analysis and reporting for 5 years and more

  5. Relevant alarms/ alerts and warnings based on real time data

  6. Additionally the solution is capable to send data to ETS Server. The ETS program is carried out currently in Maharashtra, Gujarat and Tamil Nadu only