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Enviroconnect Chandrapur Pollution Inventory 


Maharashtra State Pollution Control Board (MPCB) has launched an initiative for building inventory of all pollutants in the district of Chandrapur, Maharashtra, India. The project aims to acquire data of industrial emissions and other polluting entities and build a reliable data model / pollution inventory for further socio-economic decisions. IIT Mumbai, NEERI and AIPL are working on this project. AIPL is responsible for data collection from CEMS and AAQMS installed in various industries. IIT and NEERI are responsible for data collection from other sources and for building the data model. The project will, as a global link up, upload the acquired data into a global pollution repository Datafed developed by Washington University, St. Louis, USA

It is envisaged that once the trials in district of Chandrapur are done the model can and will be extended to entire state of Maharashtra and later to other states in India.

Project Objectives

1. To install and operate a central portal under control of MPCB which will be the aggregator for all pollutant data being received from all polluting sources in the Chandrapur district
2. To acquire data in real time or in batches from all connected sources
3. To link up and upload data to Datafed system in specified format on ongoing basis
4. To store and archive all such data for analysis and reporting
5. To generate relevant alarms/ alerts and warnings
6. To provide additional functionality for authorized users for data management and analysis as well as for generating reports
7. To make this data in appropriate format available to common citizens of Maharashtra through MPCB website.


EnviroConnect is an innovative web-based product for air quality monitoring. The solution can be deployed for monitoring and viewing Stack and Ambient Air Quality. EnviroConnect is robust and can scale from a single station installation to a nation-wide installation of hundreds of stations.


Selection of System by MPCB

Based on the project objectives and technical discussions, MPCB, IIT Mumbai and others evaluated and selected EnviroConnect as the most appropriate solution for the project. Main reasons for this selection were:


1. EnviroConnect is a ready solution and is already in operation with CPCB and MPCB
2. EnviroConnect has multiple drivers ready for integration of various analyzer from various vendors
3. EnviroConnect has strong analytical and reporting features as required by MPCB
4. EnviroConnect has strong server component to handle large data load
5. EnviroConnect has possibility of building a uploading engine as required by Datafed system

Deployment schematic

Current system deployment schematic is as below

Technical details

In this installation, EnviroConnect receives data from various CEMS and AAQMS stations in the form of data files. However, EnviroConnect has capability to directly connect with analyzers of various manufacturers and pull real time data. Till date we have communicated with following analyzers–
  • Forbes Marshall Codel

  • Thermofisher

  • PCME (ICE Asia)

  • Teledyne API

  • MetOne

  • EcoPhysics

  • Horiba

  • ABB

  • And many more…


Current status of the project

The system is in operations successfully and is receiving live data from many CEMS and ambient stations from Chandrapur district. MPCB officials are happy with system performance and features as well as support.

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