Dr. Arvind Tilak, CEO

Arvind drives overall business growth and strategy side of business at AIPL.

Arvind is a former Commissioned Officer from Indian Army with extensive experience in business consulting with special focus on long term & strategic planning, international business and collaborations.

AIPL derives immense benefits from Arvind’s business acumen and strategizing abilities.

 Ms. Sujata Tilak, Managing Director and CTO

Sujata has over 20 years of experience in software industry, in various positions and roles. She provides capable leadership to AIPL with her quality focus, interpersonal skills, flexible client-centric approach and technical competence. Sujata can build quick rapport with the customers and has good understanding of cross-cultural aspects. She plays a critical role in customer engagement and that has contributed to the success of many on-going customer relationships that AIPL has.

An Instrumentation and Control engineer from College of Engineering, Pune, Sujata is an expert in Industrial Automation domain and an accomplished System Architect. Before starting AIPL, Sujata has worked with various companies including Alfa Laval (India) Ltd. and KPIT Cummins Infosystems Ltd.

Mr. Anand Taparia, Manager, Business Development

Anand joined AIPL in the capacity of Business Development manager. Having completed his computer engineering from University of Maine, U.S.A, Anand's past experience includes working at GE Power Systems (now GE Energy) and Kepware Technologies. With a deep understanding of the Industrial Automation domain, Anand brings with him great energy and enthusiasm. A software engineer at heart, Anand connects the link between customers and engineers very effectively.

Mr. Pradip Pawar, QA and Support Head

Pradip is working with AIPL since last 7 years and has taken responsibility of various projects in various roles. Pradip is currently handling PlantConnect Quality and Support as well as trials and pre-trials. Along with this, Pradip has deep knowledge about business side of the product.  Pradip’s experience in handling team proves a great asset for the company.

Mr. Umesh Chavan, Development Head, Industrial Automation engineering team
Umesh is working with AIPL since last 10 years and gradually climbed the ladder in the company with his knowledge and result orientation. He is handling all development of EnviroConnect, PlantConnect RAMS / PAMS and PlantConnect MIS with great enthusiasm and energy. Deep understanding of product and problem solving abilities make him a key person for entire team. As a Project Manager of the team, Umesh has worked under extreme pressure in multiple projects and delivered the best results.
Umesh has vast experience in Enterprise Application development as well as in Logistics and shipping domain.

Mr. Sagar Lakade, Manager, Industrial Automation engineering team

Sagar brings over 8 years of experience in designing and delivering best-in-class software solutions. In his role at AIPL, Sagar builds and manages high-performing team dedicated to product development, program leadership, technical expertise and delivery. Sagar is handling PlantConnect development including platform and architecture very ably. Excellent understanding of product and problem solving abilities make him a ‘go to’ person for entire team. Sagar has ability to work under extreme pressure and deliver results. Sagar is with AIPL for more than 6 years Sagar has bachelor's degree and done CDA.

Mr. Deepak Mahajan, Quality Lead, PlantConnect

Deepak is responsible for AQ/ QC activities for the PlantConnect Product verticals and solution. His job involves functional testing, user level testing, performance and security testing, etc. Deepak also handles many customer facing tasks including CRT teams for customer support for PlantConnect client base including training, implementation, etc..

Deepak is with AIPL since more than 6 years.

Mrs. Sarika Ogale, Sr. Developer, PlantConnect

Sarika joined AIPL recently in 2014. Sarika is a senior software developer with nine years of prior experience in product based companies which makes her a valuable asset to the PlantConnect team. She has mastered various roles from software design and development, to client support and training. She has richexperience in retial,automobile, and shipping domains. Sarika handles multiple responsibilities and leads the development and project teams. She has done MCM, C-DAC.