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Regulators will collect lots of data on real time basic and on line from all stationery sources of pollution by deploying EnviroConnect. Polluting industries and others are mandated to share such data from the on line pollution analyzers deployed by them. It is very gratifying that the pollution regulators are planning to share such data, alerts and other details of status of various pollution parameters with citizens. With this initiative every single citizen will have access to exact status of environmental conditions and pollution parameters that affect his immediate surroundings.

EnviroConnect has taken this up and offers a built in Public Portal that can be accessed by any one with just the url. It does not need any authentication or sign up. EnviroConnect lets the citizen browse all installation on the server, access data in real time and set for alerts to be send to his account. He can also view this data via a special app on a smart phone and set for alerts warning him of deterioration on quality of water or air in his surroundings. Based on such data the citizen can informed decisions regarding travel, stay, etc. and ensure that he does nor suffer from the high levels of pollution.

Such data can also be accessed by special interest groups, environmental NGOs, etc. and information so acquired can be used as part of their advocacy efforts.

EnviroConnect offers features like down load of data, emailing data, copying of data, etc.

EnviroConnect offers this public portal in English and local language so that the information becomes widely available and usable. This can be accessed both via a browser and via a special app on smart phones.