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In the regulatory framework currently operating in India, analyzer manufacturers and implementation companies have a very important role to play. In addition to implementing and deploying the equipment for the customers these companies are required to provide a suitable solution that will allow the user industries to share data with the regulators on line and in real time. This mandate requires these companies to integrate their hardware with a powerful monitoring internet based system that can be deployed in various scenarios.


In other words these companies are required to implement a server at CPCB configured to acquired real time and on line data from all their clients. Real time and on line access to this data is to be provided to regulators and other users as laid down. In some states similar servers are required to be deployed and data linked up in addition to server at CPCB.

On the other hand is some stated these companies are required to upload data to state servers in specified formats and at specified frequencies.


EnviroConnect offers these capabilities and features to these companies and they can deploy such a system that conforms to all laid down norms and requirements in literally days. DAM of EnviroConnect can simultaneously upload data to multiple servers in specified formats.


In addition to the regulators, EnviroConnect can also be deployed by these companies for the clients in local version allowing them data access on internal networks.


All these features work in parallel and without data quality and integrity getting compromised in any manner. We will be happy to provide more details and provide you trial server for evaluation and integration. Contact Us